We Are Shasta Lake Properties

Hello world! We are in the midst of making sure everyone around the globe has a chance to e-meet the couple behind the scenes of Shasta Lake Properties and get to know about us as an incredible vacation destination!

So who is responsible for starting this amazing vacation destination? His name is Ken Tellstrom. What brought him all the way out to California from Chicago? We’ll share his story below, in his own words.

“Standing here with my soon-to-be-wife Ashley after finishing building a fire for our guests visiting from Taiwan, I am in total awe of how blessed I truly am. Let me being my journey with you….

As a child I developed a dream of living in California. Growing up in the windy and frigid city of Chicago, all I heard about was Cali. I came out here on my own to pursue an athletic scholarship in wrestling, competitive diving in 1 & 3 meter & platform – blessed to mentor and influence 2 of my childhood friends, who both became Olympic Divers, and ended up falling naturally into a California beach bum lifestyle in Huntington Beach; surfing, skateboarding, playing beach volleyball and throwing frisbees on the beach. I ended up traveling to the best surfing spots in Hawaii and Mexico but my roots were from the fresh water.

Ken and Ashley on Lake Michigan 2014
Ken and Ashley on Lake Michigan 2014

When I heard about this place called “Shasta Lake” in Northern California, I was drawn to it like a magnet. While I was living in SoCal, I learned that this Shasta Lake was the mecca of lakes on the Western side of the United States. I left SoCal to come to Shasta Lake which had every season of the year, and relocated to Shasta Lake where my passion for fresh water and water sports excelled. From surfing to scurfing to wakeboarding, I found my passion in wakeboarding. If there are any 2 sports that made me the Vans World Tour Wakeboarding Champion in 99 in Orlando, Florida, its diving and wrestling. Diving for air awareness and wrestling for mental strength; both in which aided in me achieving my World Championship.

Ken Tellstrom surfing Mexico
Ken Tellstrom

I’m naturally a freshwater enthusiast since I learned water sports on Lake Michigan. Living in the South side of Chicago, my Chosen Reservoir Korean Marine Father would take me out on the lake when I was 5 years old and used to laugh his ass off at me when I would tell him “the water is too cold to dive in.” I wish he was still here!

I started a wake boarding school here on Shasta Lake called Xtreme Wakeboarding, where I was blessed to teach and share my passion of wakeboarding with kids for 11 years. Blessed to be sponsored by Air Natique, Vans, Spy, Oakley, O’Neil, Fox, and Quicksilver, I lived my dream as I had always imagined! How? His name is God and my dedication to not give in or give up.

Since relocating to Shasta Lake, I saw an opportunity to not harbor this gorgeous place to myself and decided after a few years of living there, to turn the 2 homes & property I acquired through an incredible journey, into a beautiful vacation destination. through hard work and a lot of time spent making these homes what they are today, I have made it happen. So what makes my places so special? 140 private acres with 30,000 acres land locked of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest, of unencumbered land, full of scenic views and wildlife in abundance, this place is truly unmatched. The view is absolutely breathtaking. In the silence and serenity of the forest, you are easily lured into unwinding and reconnecting with God. Families, friends, pastors, celebrities, movie directors, couples and more from all over the world have come to see what we have to offer, and have all left with lasting memories and stories for a lifetime.

Shasta Lake view from LodgeView
Shasta Lake view from LodgeView

We are Shasta Lake Properties and we are located in the heart of the Shasta Cascade which allows for short and close to equal driving distances to wherever you want to go when visiting us. Whether its fishing all over Northern California on the Upper Sacramento River to the Trinity River, the McCloud,  or creek fishing, Bass fishing on Shasta Lake, taking a gorgeous drive up to Mt. Lassen for hiking the beautiful trails, taking a beautiful bicycle ride among the 100+ miles of trails surrounding us, walking the amazing Sundial Bridge; exploring the nature that surrounds us is incredible and it’s endless! We even have a private road that leads down to Shasta Lake for those who want to explore the property. 1 1/2 miles twist & turn all the way down, making for a great hike coming back up! With a variety of spots to rest or take some pictures, you can guarantee the only human presence around is you.


If it’s relaxation and decompression you’re looking for, staying in one of our beautiful homes is perfect serenity too. We encourage people just come to our places and stay put. Why? Do you ever stop and sit in silence? Has it been too long since you’ve really taken time to appreciate your family or spouse? If not, that is exactly what we stand for. total decompression is here with us. Unwinding on the deck in one of our jacuzzi’s whether in DreamView or LodgeView, the scenery of the Shasta-Trinity National Forest & Shasta Lake during cooler fall days is astounding and awe-inspiring. Soaking it up while the sky is lit up with the stars you don’t see in the city, is one of the most relaxing amenities we have. Grab a glass of wine or your favorite drink, sit back and relax while the peace and quiet takes you away to a place you’ve never been before.


These things are what the word ‘vacation’ means. Take one! Come stay with us. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine I would land here. This was my dream from the beginning. When I was much younger, my father and I took a trip here and stood at Minnesota Mountain, looking at this incredible place with heart struck emotions and a dream. “Could you imagine living here?” I said to my father that day……..

Here I am.

I am on an incredible journey to bring people out from around the globe with my soon-to-be-wife, Ashley Dawn McTucker. Together, we hope to make it happen over and over again. Let us help you discover how amazing our places are.

Ashley and Ken 2015
Ashley and Ken 2015

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